Childish Gambino Meets Groundhog Day



Childish Gambino hits us with a visual for his track “Sweatpants” off the LP Because the Internet. Its anything but your average. No club, no popping bottles, no iced out chains , fancy cars and there isn’t a bunch of models twerking.

Video “Sweatpants” from Because the Internet

What he does give you is what appears to be a one-shot video in a diner.  Starts like a “What you see is what you get” Xzibit feel. But quickly turns into a loop. He keeps going back into the diner but something changes everytime.

I’m a fan of artists that will take you away from the traditional braggadocio style of video. Don’t make the video so literal. Childish Gambino gives us a little bit to think on.  I can’t front. I’m a fan. Because the Internet dropped back in December and its still in my heavy rotation. I suggest you give it a listen.



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Native American TV Series in Development

scalpedNormally when I hear about new opportunities for Native Americans to get their stories told on television come up , I am excited. To be perfectly honest I have not read the comic book series “Scalped”.

From the few reviews I have read it is brutal and excellent.  Wikipedia lists it as

 a critically acclaimed 60 issue crime/western comic book series 

While that sounds promising, I’m not holding my breath that it will be great just yet. It is still in the development stage. As a Native American myself I struggle with our stories being whitewashed and stereotyped. I cringe when they put white folks in roles where Natives should have been.  I hope that’s not the case here.

Will they show respect to the heritage in their depictions? Will they allow the characters to have more depth than Tonto? Will the production value match that of other current DC productions?

We can only wait and see.

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Formline Suit

My favorite pieces of art are geometric, formline , and those that can bring the formline into modern culture. I have much respect to the traditional works. They are necessary to maintain the heritage.

Formline Suit

I have seen this suit online for some time now. Only recently did I discover that it was created by Tommy Joseph  I’ve seen some of his other works. But this suit really caught  my eye. An allover formline suit. It is bold to say the least. Never had a seen a suit this unapolagetically Native.

This suit was a collaboration with the Fabric workshop Museum . Their intent was

produce Three Piece Suit, a man’s suit made of fabric custom designed with repeating patterns of an eagle and a wolf, creating a modern, wearable representation of Tlingit totemic motifs.

To top it all off when the show was presented they showed off some of his helmets that he has created.


It is these kind of collaborations and attention to detail that our culture needs to hold on to our heritage. The traditional works preserve what we have and the collaborations help to grab the attention of those in the younger generations. Keep up the good Tommy Joseph.


The Human Torch’s Color


Fanboys around the world were up in arms when they first announced that The Human Torch was going to be portrayed by Michael B. Jordan.  Chris Evans has recently spoke out in support of the kid . So the casting of the new movie wants it The old torch doesn’t mind and the movie hasn’t even been filmed yet.

Lets just cool our jets for a moment and think about the potential here. Was his race essential to the character?  I would say only in that he was the brother of Sue Storm. This reboot of  Fantastic Four will have to address the dynamic of their relationship.  This could be time to explore adoption or blended households. Both which are real issues that families deal with.

If we are making changes why not have The human torch have a blue flame.  Blue flames burn hotter. He controls fire via his will. Why not give him the ability to concentrate and intensify that flame to visibly show a color change?

There’s a Freq Hiding In This G I R L

The brilliance of Pharrell’s  “Freq” off the album G I R L is that its not even considered a full song and its amazing. Its a hidden interlude after the song “Lost Queen” The Chorus rattles around in my mind long after the music is turned off.

You gotta go inward 
To experience the outer space
That was built for you
You gotta go inward 


Anthony Mackie Channelling Frozone

Where is my Supersuit!?

If you’ve followed Anthony Mackie’s career you’d know that its been an interesting one. He and his management have a knack for getting him supporting roles in good movies. Its clear that they recognize the ease with which you can get typecast. I admire the roles he has chosen. Long before he filmed The Winter Soldier he was quoted as saying he wanted to be a superhero. Its a pleasure to watch him do press for this film. He is genuinely excited. He goes as far as to attempt to talk himself into Avengers 2: Age of Ultron.  It is kind of ridiculous when you look at the diversity of the world and compare that to the heros that make it to the screen in a starring role in the movies. Its nice to see that start to change with the addition of Sam Wilson:The Falcon. Maybe one day we will have equal representation of superheroes but for now I’m happy to see Anthony Mackie bring this role to life.

mackie supersuit

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Who is the Rock going to be in the DC Universe

Today a Trailer from the Hercules:Thracian Wars was realeased and it looks AWESOME . From Dwayne Johnson’s interview he Teases a bit about his upcoming role in the DC universe. He’s tweeted about his talks with DC and they are going to move forward. They’d be fools not to. He breathes new life into Franchises. This guy oozes charisma. I’ll be the first one to say that if Dwayne Johnson is in it then I’m likely going to go see the film. He’s that much of a draw. When pressed for answers he listed three qualities he is looking for in a character

  1. Complexity
  2. Space to put his imprint on the character
  3. Superman Level Power

He holds back on saying the name until they get a writer and make an official announcement.  That leaves us to try and fill in the gaps. Who could he possibly have chosen?

Suggestions I have seen online have been Lobo, Black Adam, Green Lanter [John Stewart] . Personally I think The Rock will kill any role that he does. My leaning is towards a villian. Every superhero needs an adversary. It also gives him more room to be a “Badass Motherfucker” which is one of Dwayne’s requirements.

Who do you think Dwayne Johnson should choose? 

What chu talkin ’bout Marvel?


Nothing under the sun is original. Everything is inspired or deviated from another idea. The facts are that Diff’rent Strokes appeared on TV in 1978 and Bishop didn’t come about until 1991. Plenty of time for someone who grew up on the show to be unintentionally inspired by some imagery in his past life.

It is entirely possible that this is just a coincidence. but its a little too close for comfort in my opinion. MIND BLOWN

[Source: lesean Blog  ]