More Momoa

At 6’4″ all of the roles Jason Momoa takes will be physically imposing. From  the Dreadlock wearing Ronan Dex, Roman on TheGame,  the new Conan, Keegan, Khald Drogo he tends to find characters that are men of few words and outsiders trying to find their way. This new series The Red Road on Sundance presents Jason as the lead Phillip Kopus.  The plot:

Sheriff Harold Jensen, who is trying to keep his family together after a cover-up involving his recovering alcoholic wife, soon finds himself partnering up with a dangerous member of the Ramapo Mountain Indian tribe

Why do I think this is important? Well it puts Native Americans in the center of a prime time series on television. For Momoa getting a front seat in this type of series means he could have the opportunity for a role with more character development. He could show that he’s more than a bare-chested barbarian. Of course with bringing Native American Culture front and center you do risk mis-representation.

Will you be watching?

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