MJ in a league of his own

There has been this race at the top for African American millionaires recently.  Complex reports that MJ has made it . He steps out of the millions and into the big “B” billions. 

In recent news Dr.Dre’s stake of Beats headphones was thought to make him a Billionaire but he started the celebration too soon. It seems that his portion and taxes were not taken into account when he celebrated. Dre hasn’t quite hit the mark.

For us folks below the single million mark it feels like a silly goal. What’s really the difference between 800 million and a billion? Dave Chappelle told Dave Letterman recently that “Money is the fuel for choices”. He’s right about that. More dollars equals more choices.  You can be more picky about everything when you have more income.  My non-millionaire mind just cannot fathom the differences in lifestyle. It seems moot.

For these people its more than aspirational to get to that Billion. Its becoming a member of an elite club. According to Forbes there are less than 500 billionaires in the U.S. and around 1600 in the world. Compare that to almost 7.1 million Millionaires in the U.S.  That’s a whole different level.

Michael Jordan is now in that billionaire group. I’m certain that his lifestyle won’t change much but when he sits at the table with the big boys he can tell them his Net Worth starts with a captial B.


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