Trey Songz is not the type of Guy…

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With lots of bravado and vibrato “MrStealYourGirl” is back. TRIGGA includes 17 tracks and over an hour of music. Trey Songz breaks the recent trend of shorter albums. download

Trey shows all the maturity of a young man with few responsibilities. Rarely will you find him in the middle of introspection. What he has essentially given us is the blueprint for the kind of drama and fighting that you will regularly see in “unscripted” TV these days.  He constantly reminds you of what he will do to you and what he will take from you. Like the typical R&B artist his emotions range from thirsty, upset ,  and horny. If you were to emulate what Trey sings about then you can guarantee that women will be loosing their minds all over your head with whatever object happens to not be secured. Don’t say nobody warned you.

  1. CAKE – Questioning his loyalty and what the expectations are for intimacy
  2. FOREIGN – Emphatically states his preference for exotic women with a lil’ nod towards vehicles constructed outside of the country.
  3. NANA – He’s gonna take you home and do not mistake his intentions of why you are going there.
  4. TOUCHIN, LOVIN – He is not responsible for taking your girl and his motives are obvious
  5. DISRESPECTFUL – The attraction is so powerful and that they are willing to go beyond reasonable limits to be intimate.
  6. DEAD WRONG – The pot calling the kettle black. Questioning the promiscuity while at the same time claiming how often you participate.
  7. ALL WE DO –  A complete surrender to their ID.
  8. FOREIGN [REMIX] – Same as the original with some input from Beiber
  9. LATE NIGHT  – Trey is not concerned with attachments for the time being but would be happy to satisfy your sexual cravings.
  10. SMARTPHONES – The moral dilemma of being caught with infidelity and what are you willing to do to make it right.
  11. YES, NO, MAYBE – Questions whether or not he still has someone in his life.
  12. Y.A.S. – A deserved reaction to the mistreatment
  13. CHANGE YOUR MIND –  yolo, so give him a try.


  14. WHAT’S BEST FOR YOU – Let’s still be friends and breakup so you can have what you deserve.
  15. LOVE AROUND THE WORLD – His feelings have been spread too thin.
  16. I KNOW [CAN’T GE T BACK] – Realization that his actions caused him much loss.
  17. MR. STEAL-YOUR-GIRL – Trey professes his sexual prowess is greater and is willing to prove it and is not deterred by her taken status

What we are left with is a solid album of a man who is forthright about his selfishness.  He gives into his desires. We only get a little emotion when he is caught by a butt dial.  The Tremaine bonus cuts, for the most part, give us a glimpse of his empathy.  Its a softer side that we don’t get in the album. Let’s be clear, Trigga is not pushing the boundaries of music here. Trey may not be the type to be concerned about relationships but he knows if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.



What do you think about TRIGGA? Did I get it all wrong? Comment below or Tweet me at @SongandCrest

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