What’s Working – Round 1 | KLLRWLLKRW

fitness in perspective 30 days at time


I’m working out no less than 5 times a week. I don’t try to workout so hard that I can’t get up the following day. I try to be present and workout hard enough that I’m challenging myself.


You gotta have consistency in the workout but you got to vary it enough so you maintain interest and to prevent the dreaded plateau.  My normal workout from FEB-JULY was about 20 mins of running followed by lifting. In the month of August I did more speed work on the treadmill, I worked yoga in once a week ,  and some bike work was done. I even went to trampoline park that recently opened. Weekends were kept interesting by working walks and hikes in.


Yoga is definitely going to stay . Its like my weekly tune up. My feet were getting tired with all of the running I was doing and I my run felt all out of balance. I feel Yoga is helping me with that. Also making sure that I’m getting my rest. When you workout hard you get tired early. So I’m getting into the bed at 10 on weeknights.


For me Breakfast and Lunch has been a lock for a while now. I don’t vary those meals. Breakfast is a veggie omlete and lunch is a large salad. My salad usually consists of just a lil chicken, couple types of beans, shredded carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, grapes or strawberries, sliced almonds and a sprinkle of that red wine vinegar as dressing.  It fills me up without feeling drowsy by the time that I get back to my office.  Dinner on the otherhand was what had to change. I chose not to avoid eating out. When I did go out I choose to avoid the fries, chips and a drink. Stick to ordering fish and chicken meals.  Overall my meal size for dinner got smaller. I had to figure out what the right size meal feels like. If you eat so much that you take that Deep breath then don’t take one more bite. You’ve already eaten too much. If your dinner was the right size then you will wake up hungry. Many times in months before I wouldn’t wake up hungry at all.  Timing of all my meals is important too. The majority of my food is eaten between 7am-7pm. Only thing that is really consumed after 7pm is fruit, water, smoothies, and pistachios.

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