Fully Native too.

fully native


These words really spoke to me. Growing up with one Native parent and one Black parent all most people saw on my face was my color.  My mother made sure we learned about traditions from our heritage, ate traditional foods, and we went to Native functions. I always knew who my people were even if they didn’t know I was. I can no more separate the Native part of me than I can the Black part. They are equal despite what my BIA card blood quantum states. It really exposed peoples true selves when they would speak ill of Natives because they did not know I am one. Even though I don’t  speak my peoples language fluently, I’m not part of a dance group, I didn’t grow up in a village, and I don’t live the subsistence life that doesn’t change the fact that I too am Fully Native too.


7 responses to “Fully Native too.

  1. Hey!
    I love learning about Native Americans (sorry If that is the wrong term) I just think it is such a spiritual way of thinking, I’m from an ethnic background and I get funny looks myself, you can just see the assumptions people are drawing up in their minds haa
    I think people speak ill of things because it scares them of the differences
    I Like the poem its true,
    how is it defined and what does it change to the person you are
    Does it change that We are still human 🙂

    • I can only speak for myself and I prefer Native or Native American. I love sitting around with my elders and listening to stories and legends passed down. Great way to get some knowledge. Coming from a mixed background it is funny when people will squint and stare and try to play that #GUESSMYETHNICITYGAME in their head. Even fewer will come up and ask. I had an older black lady actually try to tell me what I was. As if I don’t know my father or my heritage. I was so shocked didn’t know whether to laugh or be offended.

      Thx for the comments.

      • Wow that sounds great!! Would love to hear of some of the stories and legends you are told 🙂
        Yhh haaa know what you mean with the guessing game, but you seem to have a great knowledge of where you stand in the world and proud to be who you are which is great!! 🙂
        Thanks for reply 🙂

      • Stay Tuned I’m definitely headed in that direction with stories and legends.

        Yes, Its been a journey of discovery but I am proud of who I am today. I have to keep the dialog going so my children can be just as proud of our heritage.

  2. Wow great stuff, love to hear straight from a person from that heritage and background 🙂 Yeah definitely otherwise your history is lost and as I have said before it is such a spiritual and connecting way of life to keep alive 🙂

    • Understanding your history is important. You can realize why your people are the way that they are. Those reasons don’t stop just because you are ignorant of them.
      I wish I could fluently speak our language. There are so many things you can learn from a culture from the words that they use and do not use.

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