“My Slow Flow is remarkable”

March 9th 1997 hiphop lost an amazing emcee. Christopher Wallace had the ability to make songs that were agresseive, lyrical and then switch to songs that catered to the ladies. All of this without loosing any credibility.

Notorious B.I.G

Where would hiphop be today if Biggie hadn’t passed away? That “Life After Death” album title certainly wouldn’t have been so prophetic. We would have had a “Commission” album. That would have certainly blown “TheFirm” album that Nas did with Dre out of the water. Big probably would have left Bad Boy to another major label, as is the trend with Diddy’s artists. Would Junior Mafia still bill around or would they be defunct like D12 or Bravehearts? Would Biggie still  even be recording or would he have moved on to other ventures. All of these questions and more we will never know the answers to.

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