More Brown Faces


I’m very excited for the prospect for a superhero that is not a white male. Too often our comic book movies are lead by all white mael characters. The current marvel universe has made great strides in pacing. They have openly planned for additional movies that connect and build upon the current universe. This allows for us to get deeper into the story at hand by not having to explain the entire universe in each movie. You can move on knowing that some of this has already been explained.

Falcon’s appearance is a good thing for people of color. He’s not a villian so brown skin children will look up to him. Falcon may never get a solo movie, cartoon or even comic. A successful outing in Captain America 2: Winter Soldier could mean cracking the door open for that next solo superhero movie like  Black Panther,

So here’s to Anthony Mackie. He has proven in the past that he has good choice in roles.  Do us proud so we can see more brown faces on the big screen.

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