Keep Calm Michael B Jordan is cast as The Human Torch


Here we go again. I was just waiting for the outrage to come. Once Josh Trank was attatched to the project you knew that Michael B. Jordan was not going to be  far behind. It has been talked about for months. But the outrage has only just begun.

Just like when Idris Elba was cast as Heimdall in Thor. They were not okay with a Norse God being Black. They are not okay with a Black Guy being cast as what was formally not just white, but a blonde white guy.

If you have read or seen any of Michael B. Jordan’s interviews you know that he is not keen on taking roles that are written as the token white guy. He wants the roles that are left because Brad Pitt is too busy.  With his recent powerful performances  like a Fruitvale Station and the Chroncile have afforded him the right to be a little bit picky about what he accepts.

Look the fanboys will never be completely satisfied with castings. People weren’t happy with Michael Keaton as Batman or Heath Ledger as Joker. Look how those turned out. It really doesn’t make sense to ream these decisions when most of the ones that complain the loudest will be the first ones in line when the movie releases.

I have no problem with this casting from seeing him in the Chronicle and Parenthood. I’ve seen what this kid is capable of. I think he will put on a strong performance. does a good job of pointing out how effortlessly the industry white-washes roles in Hollywood. The white privilege here is not realizing there is way more white washing than roles where a person of color gets a role that was written for someone white.

If not Michael B. Jordan, who do you think was more deserving of being cast as a cocky astronaut that launches in to space, is exposed to cosmic rays , and ultimately gains the ability to manipulate fire and fly?

respond in the comments below.


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