Smoked Salmon Goodness


As we get older how we celebrate changes. I recently had a birthday. Forget popping bottles. What I wanted to bust open was this small mason jar. Unscrew the top gently and then hear that pop when the seal is broken. What is visible are these neatly packed pieces of smoked salmon. Care must be taken to enjoy that first aroma that comes out of the jar. You must be gentle getting that first piece out. You don’t want in to break apart.  You tap it gently against the edge as to not waste any of those juices on the table. Only thing missing here was SailorBoy crackers. When sharing this small jar you must watch your fingers because they might get bitten. This stuff goes fast. Its a rare treat.  I shared this love in a jar with my sons.  We savored every single bite.  One day, when they get older, they will get a bit of smoked salmon themselves and it will remind them of times like these. They will lick the orange oil off their fingers and smile.

What is your Comfort food? Share in the comments below

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