30/30 challenge completed

what can I say about this challenge? Hmm. Well I can say Tuesday was the last day and Wednesday night I chose to take a day off to bed and I can say that I truly missed the challenge. I created a habit. I got into bed thinking I forgot to do my 3o/30 squat. If I’m being honest I did alright. I got 26/30 days.  It was way more difficult than it appears or sounds.

Halfway through I could get one heel down but not the left. By the end of it I still favored my right side. Left did not come down as low as the right. One thing that changed was that I could feel my feet strength improve. There were definitely days where I walked around with more pep in my step. Practically bouncing because my feet were stronger than previous months.

While I probably won’t do the squat for 30 minutes a day since the challenge is over I can see the value in it. The resting squat will likely remain as a staple in my warm-up or cool down stretches. Its a real example of how you get lower by pushing those knees outward. Very important thing to know if you are doing weighted squats A2G.

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