Dr. Strange Casting

There have been rumblings of the casting of Dr. Strange recently. Reports have been swirling that Benedict and Tom Hardy are on the list. But how about we keep digging.


Sure on the surface we have two actors that are brilliant. Each has work that they are well known for. Benedict is most well known for Sherlock and Tom Hardy for playing Bane. I’m sure that their box office draw and acting ability were taken into account when placed on this Dr. Strange list. But… the length of the contract would turn these professionals away. Let’s be honest here. What list are these guys not on? They are hot commodities right now.

Here’s the thing, when you sign a Marvel deal for a main character it’s long term. You are expected to reprise your role for the foreseeable future. Which means cameos and full blown roles in team up movies. I’m not certain Tom wants to be tied to a character for that long and Benedict already has one with Sherlock.

I honestly hadn’t thought a whole lot about the Dr. Strange casting since they had mentioned Johnny Depp. With the way Dark Shadows, Lone Ranger, and Transcendence did in theaters have opened I think its a safe bet that Marvel wants no parts of Johnny Depp right now.

I was shocked when I thumbed across a FANCAST by Hughsdancy . Oded Fehr is best remembered as Ardeth in The Mummy. Since then he has seen his fair share of action in Resident Evil films and recently had a role on the USAnetwork series Covert Affairs. He’s no stranger to the comic book world. He has voiced Ra’s Al Ghul for Young Justice and Equinox for Batman: The Brave and the Bold. He’s stands at 6’1″ and some change which doesn’t hurt , but have you looked at his picture yet? I mean come on. Would he have to try hard to look like the role? Nope. The one thing that could work against him is age. because of the length of the contracts Marvel tends to skew younger so he may be too old for the role.

So what do you think? Is it a good casting?  let me know below in the comments or tweet me at @SongandCrest

Oded Fehr

Oded Fehr as Dr. Strange

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