KLLRWLLKRW: Garmin Vivofit First Impressions


I wanted to take the first few days with the Vivofit to establish a baseline of sorts. I went about wearing the fitness band and tried not to do any extra walking to inflate the numbers. For my first few days I averaged about 2.75 miles which works out to between 3500-4000 steps a day. That’s pretty easy to do. Out of habit I already park at the furthest end of the parking lot in the morning, I get up for water about once an hour, and soccer practice a couple of times after work doesn’t hurt.

The initial goal that was set on the Vivofit was 7500 steps a day. That works out to about 3.5 miles a day. Over the weekend I was determined to figure how long to it would take to actively get those steps in one go. So I plugged in my headphones and went out to enjoy the bit of sun we were getting.



I ended up walking about 6.5 miles. But the important info is that it only took walking about 45 minutes at a regular walking pace to make the 7500 steps. That was quite an eye-opener. A few 15 min walks and you can make that goal. I did it on Friday without even trying. Now that I’m monitoring, this week will be about trying to meet that 7500 steps a day.  Let’s see how it goes.

Do you have any experience with fitness trackers? Which ones do you use? Comment below or tweet me

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