Mask Monday: Boba Fett


Boba #Selfie

You will recall him, Boba Fett, as the Bounty hunter from the Star Wars Trilogy. In episodes IV,V, & VI we don’t find out too much about him. Its only through the I, II, and & III that the curtain is pulled back.  That air of mystery is likely what drew his cult following. People love Boba. The idea of an unaligned merc, as you might put it, is appealing to many.

I was not immune to these facts. I admired the character too. It wasn’t until I was an adult that I was able to realize my fascination ran deeper than that. I was exposed to the artwork of my people, Tlingit. The style of design often used in masks, jewelry, and regalia is sometimes referred to as Formline.  Preston Singletary’s preferred medium is glass but you can identify the style below. U shapes , Ovoids, split U shapes, trigons, and negative space are all key elements in the style.

Preston Singletary Mask

If you look closely at Boba’s helmet the visor portion looks like almost like a trigon and the cheek portions are similar to inverted formline U shapes. Once I made the connection, I could not un-see it. It stares me in the face when I look at any Mandalorian mask. For that reason Boba will always have my special appreciation

Boba by “ChrisCalf” from DEVIANTART

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