The Rock Better Be Black Adam

The Rock is still making his rounds for his movie Hercules and teasing us about what we know he has signed on for. This is the Movie Shazam. We know he’s involved but he continues to tease us with which role he will undertake. Shazam [Hero] or Black Adam [Villiain].

I understand the reasoning. You don’t want to let the cat out the bag too soon and loose that mystery behind the film when you haven’t even begun filming yet. Gotta trickle out the information. In my mind there is no question that the Rock should choose Black Adam.

There is no doubt that Dwayne Johnson could pull off either role. He is a huge physical specimen of a man and he oozes charisma. Something that a lot of the larger actors don’t have. The movies in recent history that have done really well are ones where the villian is formidable. We want to see epic fight scenes. The best villians steal scenes and persist through the sequels.

His career has led him to this point. You can visualize his character the Rock with all of the superpowers and attitude equals Black Adam. Its a no-brainer.


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