Ever Dollar Spent is a Vote

Its the Holiday season and for some they are already done with their shopping and others it has just begun. Soon you will be rubbing elbows with folks in that last minute rush to make sure you have the gift that your loved one “NEEDS”. Let us not forget that for each dollar we express our support of that project or product.

Your complaints of why we don’t have certain products or projects will fall on deaf ears if you don’t do your part and support. If you want to see more of a particular artist then you must BUY what you want to see more of.

Today is the release for Top Five. Its a movie that is written and directed by Chris Rock. I want to see more movies that are written and directed by minorities. Supporting them shows that they have value and will be backed by producers. So I’m gearing up to catch that movie on opening night.



So what will you vote on this Holiday season?

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