Cap gets 3rd movie Confirmed

Captain America and FalconWould you look at that? Total Film reports  that we already have confirmation that directors Anthony and Joe Russo signed on to direct.  It really speaks to the owners of the movie industry that we have 3 Iron man , 2 Thor, and 3 Captain America movies in the current Marvel universe before a person of color or a woman gets a solo film.

If you want to go back all the way back to 1998 I can only think of one solo film with a Minority as the star and not a team film.  Unless I’m mistaken Blade is the only one.

If you based your views of heros on movies they would have you believe that people of color are not capable of holding the mantle.  Its not as if there are not plenty of characters available for use.

Luke Cage is said to be in the works and coming to Netflix. Black Panther is another Marvel character that is begging to be brought to the big screen.  While they are at it, maybe the competition will push DC to make a John Stewart Green Lantern  or Kaldur’ahm [Aqualad] or Mister Terrific.

So get on it Marvel and DC. We are tired of the imbalance in the movies. We want to see more people of color as leading roles in these movies. More representative of what america looks like. That includes more ethnicities and women.


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