Richard & Rampage: Family or Nah?

family or nah


What Richard Sherman said on the sidelines may have been off color or even out of line, but the issue I have a problem with is the response afterwards. From the producers saying they were afraid of what he was going to do, the reporter’s face, to people calling him a “thug”. All of these claims were biased primarily on his color. Anyone who says otherwise is kidding themselves.  If it was any other white coach we would not be discussing Richard Sherman’s comments for this long afterwards.

Having said that. After seeing that NFC championship game I couldn’t help but to notice some resemblence. Some of you may not remember the cousin of Busta Rhymes appeared on the Craig Mack “Flava in ya ear” [Remix]  20 years ago.  What are your thoughts? Do Richard and Rampage look like Family or Nah?

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