Mask Monday: Minds Intertwined

The Mask “Minds Intertwined” by David Franklin caught my eye because of its inclusion of the octopus. While I’ve seen them in

David Franklin “Minds Intertwined” Tlingit Red Cedar Mask

paintings and prints, this is the first Tlingit mask carving that I’ve seen with an Octopus. The thick dark eyebrows and use of ovoid shape are indicative of formline style.  David describes on his webpage:

represents a Tlingit Shaman under the influence of his Octopus Spirit Helper

Its a marvelous over-sized mask. You can see how the octopus is engulfing the mask and protruding from the eyes. Powerful imagery.  If you are interested in David’s work take a look at the Doors and other major installations he has done at :

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