Is Common Back?

The first song is by an artist Blaqstarr and is featuring Common “Dear Diamond”. He gives you two verses of a new flow. Much like Yeezus. I didn’t get into the flow right away. As I listened more it grew on me.

The second song is a Common song featuring Ab-Soul “Made in Black America”. This is the Common I remember.  The flow is different from that Blaqstarr song. He’s more agressive. There are words split between lines.

Common :

When rap is dead, I had the fluid that embalmed/ I speak, you know I’m building like an intercom/ Enter Com, the worlds most…/ Intricate, integrated with imminent/ Domain, I’m feeling myself like a sentiment-/tal letter written to myself/

Ab-Soul asks:

  My president is black I wonder if Pac thought we was read for that, or did we move too fast?

and :

This is Hue P Newton with a QP/ Bobby with a Seale, Fred Hampton on Pills/ in the Hamptons, now that’s Ill, What’s happenin?



You can guess my preference. Which new Common song do you prefer?




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