Guardians of the Galaxy: Women of Color



A new longer trailer has been released by Marvel and it looks awesome. By awesome I mean, referencing raiders of the lost ark in the first few seconds,  using two thirds of the trailer to establish sense of humor and then rushing all the action scenes towards the end.   It appears that in order to get BADA$$ female characters we have to send them into space and color their skin. Its no solo film but I’ll take it.  I just hope that Zoe Saldana’s accent doesn’t sound as forced as it did in Columbiana.  The on screen color palette includes a lot of green and burgundy tones. Obviously you can’t take yourself too seriously when you have a talking raccoon and walking tree as your main characters.  With that in mind it seems wildly appropriate to have John C. Reilly introducing Gamora, Quill, Rockett, Drax and Groot. It’s a long ways away but I’m excited for this film.

gamora nebula


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