SC SPOILERRRS: True Detective

In the episode “The Locked Room” Martin and Rust have an exchange that colors their whole relationship. They have the same job and are even partners but they don’t approach life nor their job the same way. Rust’s past experiences have led him to focus complete on his job. At times it seems that Rust is completely unimpressed with anything besides the cases.  Martin tends to look outside of the job and his home for something else to focus on.

true detective

I found it funny that at times detectives are surprised that other detectives could know what they have been up to by picking up on clues. By necessity you would have to have some sort of observational skills to become a detective.  I don’t believe those are skills that you turn off. You will just notice things. While Rusts comment that “People incapable of guilt usually do have a good time” is a purposeful  poke at Martin it doesn’t spark complete outrage.  It does how ever point to the continued tenuous nature of their relationship.

Honestly the first couple episodes I watched strictly based on the casting.  I didn’t really know what I was getting into.  But by “The Locked Room” and definitely by the interaction with the biker gang in “Who Goes There” I was in. Rust’s dialogue and Matthew’s delivery of it is compelling.  Getting close to the season finale it really makes me wonder how season 2 will turn out because they have said that it will be two different detectives and a different story.

Are you watching?

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