KLLRWLLKRW: Road to a Handstand

The KLLRWLLKRW way is to keep challenging your body by setting goals in measurable ways. If you see a difference that you like then you continue with the methods that got you there. This year I’ve tried:

  1. Breakfast within and hour of waking
  2. Yoga twice a day for 30 days
  3. 30/30 squat challenge

And to think we are only starting the 3 month of the year. My next goal is to get closer to being able to do a free-standing handstand.  This type of body movement can’t be accomplished with just brute strength. It takes balance and concentration. Obviously, the bigger and taller you are the more difficult this will be for you. 2014-03-02 11.15.07

A mistake that I’ve made in the past and will now be avoiding is:

don’t practice with your back to the wall

When I was younger that is the way we would try. Head as close to the wall as possible, elbows bent, then quickly whip your legs up as quick and violently as possible. Well there’s issues with this method. First your arms are bent so they aren’t bearing much weight. Even if you extend your arms and whip up your legs. Your arms are in front of your body and you won’t be able to maintain a handstand in that form. Second if you are just starting out you likely don’t have the core strength to control your legs whipping up so fast.

How will I start?

Well my goal will be to do 10 mins handstand work for 30 days begining March 2, 2014:

5 minutes of getting setup and holding in the position facing the wall getting comfortable :

5 minutes of modified handstand push-ups to build strength

Do you want to join me in this hand stand challenge?

I will share the people in the month of March who:

  1. Take a picture doing a handstand
  2. include the hashtag #KLLRWLLKRW
  3. Follow & Mention us @KLLRWLLKRW on Twitter,  Tumblr, or FB
  4. Comment with your handle/name, Social Media used , and “DONE” when you are complete.

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