Anthony Mackie Channelling Frozone

Where is my Supersuit!?

If you’ve followed Anthony Mackie’s career you’d know that its been an interesting one. He and his management have a knack for getting him supporting roles in good movies. Its clear that they recognize the ease with which you can get typecast. I admire the roles he has chosen. Long before he filmed The Winter Soldier he was quoted as saying he wanted to be a superhero. Its a pleasure to watch him do press for this film. He is genuinely excited. He goes as far as to attempt to talk himself into Avengers 2: Age of Ultron.  It is kind of ridiculous when you look at the diversity of the world and compare that to the heros that make it to the screen in a starring role in the movies. Its nice to see that start to change with the addition of Sam Wilson:The Falcon. Maybe one day we will have equal representation of superheroes but for now I’m happy to see Anthony Mackie bring this role to life.

mackie supersuit

[SOURCE:  Bobby Rubio]

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