There’s a Freq Hiding In This G I R L

The brilliance of Pharrell’s  “Freq” off the album G I R L is that its not even considered a full song and its amazing. Its a hidden interlude after the song “Lost Queen” The Chorus rattles around in my mind long after the music is turned off.

You gotta go inward 
To experience the outer space
That was built for you
You gotta go inward 

One thing you gotta appreciate about Pharrell is that he knows that vocally that he’s no Mariah Carey. He won’t be hitting glass cracking notes.  Staying in that range is exactly what makes his songs so accessible.  It just begs for off-key shower singing.

Since his first solo album In My Mind there have been a couple N.E.R.D. albums and of course a bunch of production done for other artists. It seems to be reasonable that his style would change.  G I R L  is more of a pure R & B record with a timeless sound where In My Mind was a  HipHop/R&B mix that was more rooted in its features.

At 10 tracks G I R L is a short album. No filler here. I don’t think anyone who enjoys the pure fun of “Happy” can deny how infectious that this album is.


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