The Human Torch’s Color


Fanboys around the world were up in arms when they first announced that The Human Torch was going to be portrayed by Michael B. Jordan.  Chris Evans has recently spoke out in support of the kid . So the casting of the new movie wants it The old torch doesn’t mind and the movie hasn’t even been filmed yet.

Lets just cool our jets for a moment and think about the potential here. Was his race essential to the character?  I would say only in that he was the brother of Sue Storm. This reboot of  Fantastic Four will have to address the dynamic of their relationship.  This could be time to explore adoption or blended households. Both which are real issues that families deal with.

If we are making changes why not have The human torch have a blue flame.  Blue flames burn hotter. He controls fire via his will. Why not give him the ability to concentrate and intensify that flame to visibly show a color change?

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