Formline Suit

My favorite pieces of art are geometric, formline , and those that can bring the formline into modern culture. I have much respect to the traditional works. They are necessary to maintain the heritage.

Formline Suit

I have seen this suit online for some time now. Only recently did I discover that it was created by Tommy Joseph  I’ve seen some of his other works. But this suit really caught  my eye. An allover formline suit. It is bold to say the least. Never had a seen a suit this unapolagetically Native.

This suit was a collaboration with the Fabric workshop Museum . Their intent was

produce Three Piece Suit, a man’s suit made of fabric custom designed with repeating patterns of an eagle and a wolf, creating a modern, wearable representation of Tlingit totemic motifs.

To top it all off when the show was presented they showed off some of his helmets that he has created.


It is these kind of collaborations and attention to detail that our culture needs to hold on to our heritage. The traditional works preserve what we have and the collaborations help to grab the attention of those in the younger generations. Keep up the good Tommy Joseph.


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