KLLRWLLKRW: I Don’t Do Sit-Ups


I am not ’bout that sit-up life. There I said it. I’ve done my fair share in my time. Over the years it just feels like one of those useless exercises. I know exactly how important your core is to activity. Its at the very center of your body. All those measurements for heart relate back to how much you’ve got around the middle. I’ve reached the point in my life where  I refuse. I just don’t want to do any situps.

So I have sought after other methods to work my core. Proper breathing and flexing during squats and deadlifts will get me sore. The intra abdominal pressure of taking a breath helps to protect your spine. If you are lifting you absolutely need a strong core. And when I say strong core I don’t mean visible six pack abs. There are plenty of strongmen in competion who don’t have visible abs but are plenty strong in the core area.

Today I chose the cable wood chopper to attack the obliques. You start low and to one side and finish up and to the opposite side.  You don’t need a lot of weight. I started with 3 sets 15 at 17.5lbs and let me tell you my lower ab and lower back region were on fire. Slow and controlled with full extention. Then I finished up with only 2 sets of 25 at only 5lbs.



Of course I felt it most in my obliques and lower abdominals. But the lower back, deltoids and Teres minor felt quite the burn also. I will definitely repeat this exercise. I could feel it working even with relatively light weight. I’m out to prove that you don’t have to do situps to have a strong core. muscular-anatomy-of-the-back


What is your preferred method of working your core? Comment below or tweet me @SongandCrest

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