KLLRWLLKRW: Run the Rack




Yesterday was a busy day. I normally get my workout in at lunch but what do you do when you’re in a hurry?


Rather than skip a workout I cut it short. Turned into 15 minutes of running and one dumbbell lift. which is better than nothing. I had my mind set on just getting through it. Not really looking to challenge my self too much.

The lift I chose was standing strict shoulder press. Slow reps with full extension. ¬†Starting with a weight that wasn’t too heavy. 35lbs each. I did a few sets at this weight then worked my way down in 5lb incriments all the way down to 10 lb dumbbells. At the end of this my Deltoids and triceps were on fire. I was way to happy to step away from that rack.¬†shoulder_press_with_fixed_dumbbells


What happened this morning is the trapezius muscle behind my shoulder blades is extremely sore. And its just the next day. So I know tomorrow its gonna be worse. *SIGHS* Lots of fluids and potassium today.



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