KLLRWLLKRW: 115 Challenge [week 1]


Overview of the 115 Challenge

  1.  Drink 100 ounces of water every day [Hydrate]
  2. Get into the bed by 10 pm [Rest/Repair]
  3. Run 5 days a week [minimum 1 mile]

Number 1: It is still the struggle. I can usually get all 100 oz down before I get off work. Which takes the pressure off the rest of the day. What I did notice is that if you drink anything else it just sets you back. So I’ve only really been consuming anything with caffiene early in the morning. I’m talking before 9 am. I would normally have a coke with my lunch. But been skipping that in favor of drinking more water. It means I’m never sitting down for long. Drinking lots means lots of trips to the bathroom. What I have noticed is that 60-80 oz is when I start feeling right. When I get to that amount is when my eyes and mouth stop being dry and my sinuses really start to open up. That’s my hyrdration threshold. If I can get over 80 oz. then I feel much better throughout the day.

Number 2: Easier than I thought to get in the bed by 10 pm. Not always asleep right away, so I could do better in that respect. Some days I am tired and get in the bed earlier than 10 pm. I know that the extra rest is needed. 115 week1

Number 3: Okay full disclosure. I did run on Tuesday but I forgot my phone at home. So I couldn’t capture it. That brings my run total of miles  10.1 miles for the week. I’m not concerned about speed at this point. I’m working on creating the habit again. As far as how it felt. I didn’t want to go most days. Went anyways. By Wednesday the entire “posterior chain” was sore. Also my left foot. The pain is inside my ankle. It normally doesn’t bother me during the run. I’m sure that I’ll be applying some myofascial release with my lacrosse ball this week.  I was rolling out of bed and feeling it when ever I stood up, sneezed or bent over. I was definitely ready when my rest days came. Fri-Sat.  I should mention that I try to do a 5 min- walk warm up before I run.  I haven’t been so strict with the cool down stretching and that will be  my focus this week. I know I need it.


Starting Weight was 251.6 lbs

Week One weight is 246.8 lbs

which is a difference of *COUNTS ON FINGERS* 4.8 lbs

Not bad at all for what are some small changes.

115 - Week1- 246.8 lbs

115 – Week1- 246.8 lbs

Week 1 down and on to the next one

If you have any questions or comments. Post them Below or Tweet me @SongandCrest


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