We Have a Cyborg Movie on the Books!

Warner Bros Movie plan through 2020. [Source Newsarama via Deadline]

Lots to be excited about here. DC has learned a lesson from Marvel. Put your schedule on full blast. In these days and times you let the public know what you are working with and let them speculate on the details. Most of these movies we had an idea where coming but Cyborg getting his own feature with a tentative schedule of first quarter 2020 is a win. 

. Three minority lead movies:

  • Jason Momoa [ Aquaman] Native American
  • Dwayne Johnson [ Black Adam ] Polynesian / African American
  • Ray Fisher [Cyborg ] African American

This is a good move for DC. Get out in front in the field of equality. While Marvel has Luke Cage on the slate for his own small screen debut, there is no mention of Black Panther on the schedule yet. DC could potentially beat marvel to the punch with a female lead move in Marvel and Multiple minority lead films.

I like what you are doing here DC.

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