Son of Sway

kendrick white

For a long time something has bothered me about Kendrick Lamar. He is immensely talented. He is leading this new generation of emcee.  It wasn’t until this Sway video that I realized why

Sway interviews the great Rass Kass.Almost 20 years ago he dropped his first album Soul on Ice. The title is an homage to Eldridge Cleaver’s memoir of the same name. He proved not only lyrically but that content wise to have depth.  Rass Kass is promoting his new collab album Blasphemy with producer Apollo Brown.

He addresses sway and tech’s wake up show being a proving ground for emcees before the internet was around. Touches on the meaning of Amen, how the world would be a better place if we showed more love and not being able to share criticism without being called a hater.

What struck me as I watched this is that Kendrick and Ras Kass are cut from the same cloth. Two very lyrical west coast emcees that are smaller in stature. I respect the intellect of both emcees.  Sway and Tech being on the radio provided a lot of opportunities for emcees and help to birth their careers. You can tell that Rass Kass knows this and shows respect throughtout the entire interview.



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