15 Heavy Rotation Albums Entering 2015: HOLDOVERS

Run The Jewels
Because the Internet
Run the Jewels comes storming in with so much sincerity and aggression. Its boom bap hiphop with the consciousness of Public Enemy and its dope. Killer Mike and El-P capture lightning in a bottle with this one. You can mindlessly nod to El-P’s production or scrutinize just how lyrical they both are. The young Chi-Town Chance the Rapper brings a multitude of cadences and a soulfulness while maintaining his youthful perspective. His ad-libs alone are worth one listen of ACID rap. These characteristics make him a perfect match for Childish Gambino.  An artist who also floats between singing and rapping bars. Both are atypical when you compare them to the landscape of current rappers but remain authentic. Because the Internet is an album that just gets better every listen.

In no particular order the 15 albums are :
  1. Run the Jewels 2
  2. The Young OG Project
  3. Chicago Winds… The Saga Continues
  4. PRhyme
  5. Kauai
  6. Run The Jewels
  7. Sign Language
  8. Dusk2Dawn the: The Diary of Jane Jupiter
  9. Indigo Child
  10. Acid Rap
  11. Cool tape Vol2
  12. Trigga
  13. Because the Internet
  14. G I R L
  15. #5

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