15 Heavy Rotation Albums Entering 2015: SURPRISES

Dusk2Dawn: The Diary of Jane Jupiter
Indigo Child

I don’t ever remember how I heard about #5. Jean Grae gives us another side of her. At five songs its about an EP length. The song Joker had me stuck on repeat. She starts:

butterflies and sunshine baby
I can tell that nature loves you
not as much I do lately
you chase all my clouds away

Kid Sister is making her transition away from that name. In doing that she drops Dusk2Dawn: The Diary of Jane Jupiter. She hasn’t lost a step lyrically. Like any other Chi rapper she can rap fast and slow it down. Changing to Jane Jupiter is about a maturation process. Hard to be taken seriously as an adult when your stage name is Kid Sister. there is a good variation in tempos here. My standout track is “All I need”. Indigo Child is even more difficult to fit into a style. If I’m correct he recorded much of it at around 17. I mean what were you doing in high school. He has a record deal and a project released. “God’s Whisper” is the song that caught my attention. It sounds like a song that would really sound good in a stadium. The questions that he asks in his lyrics makes me think he is wise beyond his years.

In no particular order the 15 albums are :
  1. Run the Jewels 2
  2. The Young OG Project
  3. Chicago Winds… The Saga Continues
  4. PRhyme
  5. Kauai
  6. Run The Jewels
  7. Sign Language
  8. Dusk2Dawn the: The Diary of Jane Jupiter
  9. Indigo Child
  10. Acid Rap
  11. Cool tape Vol2
  12. Trigga
  13. Because the Internet
  14. G I R L
  15. #5

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