15 Heavy Rotation Albums Entering 2015: YIN & YANG


Sign Language
Chicago Winds… The Saga Continues
I hesitate to label the type of music these albums are. They represent men who sing that are in two different phases of their lives. Dave Hollister’s Yin is thoughtful, romantic and forward thinking. Dolla $ign’s Yang is selfish, ego driven and about what you can offer me in the present. That man Dave Hollister could sing the ABC’s and have it sound soulful. There is a certain timelessness to his sound. He got me hooked with the song “Take this Picture”.  Its about not being ashamed about showing your love.  I’d equate Dolla $ign to this generations Nate Dogg. Got a different voice and not afraid to sing lyrics that may be explicit. Might make you cringe a lil bit when you figure out the lyrics you are singing along to. Let’s just say It would be inappropriate to listen to this with the kiddies around. Having said that, I believe that is the brilliance in music when you can take content that the listener may not agree with and mix it with a harmony that they can’t get out of their head. Each of these albums has their place.


In no particular order the 15 albums are :
  1. Run the Jewels 2
  2. The Young OG Project
  3. Chicago Winds… The Saga Continues
  4. PRhyme
  5. Kauai
  6. Run The Jewels
  7. Sign Language
  8. Dusk2Dawn the: The Diary of Jane Jupiter
  9. Indigo Child
  10. Acid Rap
  11. Cool tape Vol2
  12. Trigga
  13. Because the Internet
  14. G I R L
  15. #5

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