Run The Jewels 3 is coming


The Crew at Pitchfork  beat me to the punch. El-P drops a snippet of some new Run the Jewels music.

Man…. its just not fair to these other rappers that they keep putting out consistently dope ALBUMS.<—— Notice the emphasis
Not singles. Entire projects. Front-to-back listen quality.  Which is something you don’t get often


These guys just don’t rest. They are on a tear of an album a year. if that in itself is not impressive the fact that they put out arguably one of the best hip hop albums of the year each time IS. They found a chemistry and a formula that works and the plan on sticking to it till the wheels fall off.

These two, Mike & Jamie,  are at the pinnacle of lyricism. they are spitting truth.  The have strong opinions. Its no wonder that Killer Mike has made appearances on news venues and most recently spoke at a University.

Obviously these guys are two of my favorites. They clearly enjoy what they are doing and aren’t stingy with their craft. They released [NOT LEAKED] both Run the Jewels albums for free before their official release. People still support. When projects are this dope you have to get out and support them. We want to encourage artists that don’s sell their soul for album sales.

On Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp a Butterfly:

Critics mention that they miss when hiphop was rappin/

M#therf*cka if you did killer Mike would be platinum

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