Filled With Lyrics

I can only speak for myself when I say how much I felt this image rang true for me. You ever have a conversation and you realize that every other word is a lyric. Its bad enough when its on purpose or not relevant to the conversation. Its even worse when its unintentional. At times its fun when you and another person think of the same reference. Other times its frustrating when you make reference and they’ve either never heard or don’t remember.  You think. AWWW! I wasted a perfectly good lyric citation.  What about those less fortunate than me who have their brains even more filled with lyrics?

tumblr_n2fwppxkPl1svefdfo1_400[Source :tumblr ]

There should be a L.A. group. You know. Lyrics Anonymous that meets in that Starbucks meeting room. Every body introduces themselves with beverage in hand. “Hi. My name is John.”  Group Replies.” Hi, John!”  John divulges, “Its been 5 days since my last Biggie quote. On account of his day of passing”.  Everyone in the group would nod their heads because they all know the significance of March 9th.  No one would belittle him. This would be a safe place.  A member chimes in “Biggie Smalls is the Illest”  clasps his hands over his own mouth, eyes immediately well up and realizes he let a reference slip free of his mouth.  An older woman pats him on the shoulder and comforts him with “Everything’s gonna be alright” then her eyes go wide open.  Silence echoes over the room.

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