KLLRWLLKRW:115 Challenge [Week 2]


This concludes  Week 2 of the 115 Challenge

  1.  Drink 100 ounces of water every day [Hydrate]
  2. Get into the bed by 10 pm [Rest/Repair]
  3. Run 5 days a week [minimum 1 mile]

Number 1  is getting easier. The first week it was trying to force the water down. Now the second week my body is starting to expect and crave it. I notice that I’m starting to sweat more and keep cooler during the workout. Last Sunday I was visibly flushed after running four plus miles.  What I have also noticed is that my appetite is increasing. Usually I have breakfast between 7-9, and lunch between 11:30-12:30 , then my dinner is between 5-6 with some kind of smaller post workout meal at about 8-9. This week that gap between lunch and dinner is just too big. I’m hungry by 3pm.  Going into next week I have to either eat a bigger lunch or start bringing some snacks to work.

Number 2 Getting into the bed by 10 is more of a challenge when I can’t get off work on time. That is because I have to eat and give myself time to digest before going to the gym. There were a couple days where I wasn’t leaving the gym until 9pm. Overall I’m making it to the bed on time. The alarm in the morning feels less disruptive. Easily woke up on Saturday at 6am with no alarm. Getting to bed at a decent hour and not drinking any caffeine after about 10 am will allow those things to happen.

Number 3 I was getting concerned because I was having this pain in my left heel. It radiated into my achillees and the ankle and arch. I mostly felt it while walking. I made an effort to spend more time in my cool down focusing on the areas of soreness. I took my time.  That time paid off huge dividends. Thursday I had no pain or soreness where I had been feeling it previous days. Super happy about that. It just means I have to keep that up. I’m no spring chicken. I have to make sure I put in the work so that I can recover and continue.


Am I panicked about the weight going up? Nope not at all. If you look at the pictures you can see I’m sweating much more. To me that means that my body is better hydrated and its not worried about when the next water is coming.  I’m taking longer to stretch this week so my flexibility is getting better. I’m building the habit and I’ve felt stronger in the lifts that I’ve been doing.  All those are positives so the over all number is not that big a deal as long as I can still perform physically.


What are you doing to get you closer to your fitness goals? Comment below or tweet me @SongandCrest


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