KLLRWLLKRW 115 Challenge [Week 3]

115 Challenge

  1.  Drink 100 ounces of water every day [Hydrate]
  2. Get into the bed by 10 pm [Rest/Repair]
  3. Run 5 days a week [minimum 1 mile]

Number 1 – Its getting easier to figure out where I am on the hydration level. I know if I haven’t put 60- 80 oz before I leave work (4-5 ish) I’m in trouble for the day. More than that. I can feel the difference If I havent drank at least that much.

Number 2 – no doubt the easiest part. The harder I work out they less struggle their is to make it to the bed at night. My body is sore and desires the rest.

Number 3 – I set it up so my longest run of the week is Sunday and all other runs are shorter. That way I have the big hurdle out of the way. Monday and Tuesday are arguably harder because I’m recovering from the long run.  By comparison Wed and Thur become much easier runs because I’m closer to my rest days [Fri-Sat] . Introduced a new pair of shoes into the mix this week.  Adidas PureBoost. will make a post about my experience with those separately.

Must be the combination of squating and running. Butt has been sore. Last Sunday took a long epsom salt bath that helped. As well as taking time to stretch more. While my overall weight hasn’t varied that much. What I have noticed is how I feel. Just walking around doing day to day stuff my back isn’t sore from standing. I’m standing taller when I am standing around. My posture has improved. I flat out refuse to do situps but my core strength has improved because you have to flex when you are doing lifts.  As a consequence my pants are fitting more loose.  No complaints over here.  This challenge is flying by. Only one more week.

What kind of activities are you doing? Comment below or tweet me @SongandCrest


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