Monique You Misplaced Your Anger [Empire]


Mo’Nique has been going about talking about being black balled and loosing the role of Cookie in the rising star of a show Empire on Fox. Saying the role was promised to her and she can’t get work. Well we may never know the truth to those questions. Its a game of he said, she said. None of this seems to be helping her image. 

If she really wants a gig acting she is going to either have to make her own opportunities by writing and producing her own works and hiring herself or play the game. Ultimiately you have to get hired. If this sense that she is hard work with continues she may not get picked up for anything soon. Some positive publicity is desperately needed. Get away from the talk shows and get caught doing something good. Have your team tip of TMZ when you do charity work. Your current method isn’t working.


BUT…If you do want to be mad about a casting that you didn’t get a fair shake at. It should be Amanda Waller for Suicide Squad. Viola Davis scored this role because of her recent #HTGAWM and other recent performances. You could easily make a case that Mo’Nique was born for this role. A black woman who commands teams of villians and squares up with the likes of Batman as if he were just another joe. It wouldn’t be hard to stretch the imagination to see her in that role. But timing, politics, and what have you done lately play a role in casting.


What do you think? Would Mo’Nique been a good fit for Suicide Squad’s Amanda Waller if they hadn’t already cast Viola Davis?

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